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Greater Sylhet Development & Welfare Council in the UK (GSC) is a registered nationwide charity organisation serving British Bangladeshi community since 1993. It has 12 regional committee and 10 branches across the UK including Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

We work with the various ministries of government for the welfare of British Bangladeshi community in UK and wider society for community cohesion and integrations with the British society.

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Up to 95% of Bangladeshis living in the United Kingdom either originate or come from the Greater Sylhet Region (Sylhet, Maulvibazar, Habiganj and Sunamganj) of Bangladesh. The people of Sylhet have made great contributions to the construction of their homeland (Bangladesh), as well as towards the present multi-racial British society and have a natural link with Greater Sylhet and thus, they always extend their helping hands for any cause be it for the war for liberation as it was in 1971 or for helping Bangladesh as a whole in natural calamities like cyclone or floods.

Despite such a record or contribution and devotion, it is said that the community and its region back in Bangladesh faced multiple deprivation in all aspects of life.

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 GSC shall remain as a politically non-partisan voluntary organisation to assist the Bangladeshi community in the UK through the provision of advice, information, counselling, support, interpretation, translation and other services. 

  Provide and assist in the provision of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation 

 Raise public awareness of multiple problems and deprivation faced by Bangladeshi communities 

 Take necessary steps to bring about improvement in the area of education, housing, immigration, employment and health.

 Promote and undertake any work for relief of poverty, sickness and distress.

 Influence on appropriate authorities for the development of industry, agriculture, and communication in the Greater Sylhet division of Bangladesh. 

 Undertake joint venture or in collaboration with other specialised agencies whether private, government, semi-government, national or international. 

 Provide assistance, financial otherwise whatever possible, to poor and meritorious students hailing from Greater Sylhet. 

 Promote, support or organise cultural and sports activities

 Promote and support supplementary education projects  Employ and pay any person or persons to supervise, organise and carry on the work of the GSC 

 Bring together in conference representatives of voluntary organisations, government, statutory authorities and individuals

  Assist or carry out research, survey investigations and publish the useful results 

 Arrange and provide for the holding of exhibitions, meetings, lectures, seminars and training courses 

 Raise funds and appropriation of the fund as per the set guidelines in order to carry out the core activities set out above